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Finding Insights at the Speed of Search: A White Paper

Please download this white paper to learn how our partners at ThoughtSpot are enabling the business and key decision makers in getting access to valuable insights at the speed of search.

An excerpt:

No longer do people wait to attend a class on how to lay tile before they start renovating their bathroom. Instead, they search for “how to” videos onYouTube and start learning on their time. We are constantly searching, looking at Yelp reviews to decide on a dinner location rather than asking the concierge at the hotel, checking LinkedIn to see who we may know at the company we have an interview with rather than sending a mass email to our address book asking if anyone is employed there. Search removes the“human middleware” or the person that holds the answers you are looking for. This does not mean we don’t need those people, we’re just able to access their knowledge without engaging them directly. Today, most agencies have a data team but that team is frequently bogged down in the mundane work of pulling together basic information to answer the never-ending number of questions that come in from business and functional users.

In fact, a recent report found that data professionals are spending 23% oftheir time gathering data, which is more than they spend analyzing data (8%), communicating results (14%) or acting on the analysis (10%). What if you could extend the functionality and user comfort with search to the massive data repositories across the government? What if in doing so you could allow everyone with your Agency to become a citizen data scientists, freeing up trained resources to focus solely on complex analysis? What if as part of this search, AI technology presented users with related queries and results that invite them to dive deeper into available data? ThoughtSpot can answer these questions.

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Author: Sherrie