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AI-Driven, Self-Service Analytics

Faster Insights: AI-Driven Self-Serve Analytics at your Fingertips


At our core, Knowsys Group focuses on ensuring our solutions are embedded with principles surrounding cost efficiency/savings, risk mitigation, time/resource optimization, and quality assurance. Our strategic partnership with ThoughtSpot embodies these salient principles.

As part of our Systems Integration practice, Knowsys has paired up with Thoughtspot out of Silicon Valley to provide AI-Driven, Self-Service Analytics.

Knowsys Experience Partnered with Innovative AI Technology

Knowsys has teamed up with ThoughtSpot, AI-driven search and analytics for any user. What does this mean? It means our customers can drastically accelerate their speed to insight for everyone across the business (NOT JUST IT) with an analytics tool as easy to use as the Google search bar. Knowsys Group can help you leverage ThoughtSpot technology to unleash the power of your cloud data warehouse, ensuring that no matter the user’s background, they get instant answers with a simple AI-driven search experience.

Get Real-Time Data, Instead of Making Gut-Feel Decisions

Delivering Insights at Digital Speed.
What good is digital transformation if you can’t get insights into the hands of the people who can act on them? Welcome to a whole new world where analytics is accessible to non-technical people and anyone can find insights in seconds across multiple data sources and billions of rows of data.

Our customers can Deploy ThoughtSpot Cloud as a fully managed SaaS solution where we handle the hard stuff and deliver you rapid innovations. Or, deploy in your private cloud. It’s entirely up to you.

Multiply Your Team’s Impact by 10X.
Elevate them from dashboard developers and report creators into analytics problem solvers. With the help of AI, ThoughtSpot eliminates the tedious, iterative manual work, so you can unleash your analyst talent to focus on what matters most: strategically solving complex business challenges.

Say goodbye to the archaic desktop-to-server publishing model. Create insights directly from your cloud data warehouse, and enjoy full control and transparency of your data-to-insight lineage.

Create a Data Fluent Culture.
When people become immersed in data and learn to speak the language, a new world opens up. They begin crafting their own data narratives and become stronger storytellers. By using ThoughtSpot, your people aren’t passively consuming insight; they’re learning to be an insight-creating, data-fluent force.

The Use Cases are Endless

Retail & E-commerce
Shoppers are sharing more data then ever before, and they expect you to use it. Take the guesswork out of your operations and deliver more personalized shopping experiences across every channel by making everyone in your company a data analyst.

Financial Services
Use your data to get ahead of the markets. Whether you’re in retail banking, insurance, trading or wealth management, now everyone can get instant access to financial data.

Manufacturing & Logistics
Whether you’re in product design, facilities management, distribution or human resources, now everyone can analyze data like a pro and get the answers they need to deliver great products, faster.

Media & Communications
Now you can instantly know which subscribers matter most with the ability to analyze data from any source – subscriber usage data, social media posts, network levels, even connected devices – without waiting.

Healthcare and Life Sciences
There’s a whole new world of data out there – from biometrics, to hospital inventory levels, patient results even health sensors. Discover a new way to make sense of it all and provide proactive patient care.

Data is transforming the public sector, whether you’re in federal or provincial governments. Power your agency mission with Search & AI-driven analytics. Get instant answers to data calls across billions of rows of data in seconds from any source – mission-critical planning systems, financial systems of records, case management applications, etc.

With ThoughtSpot, procurement professionals can better manage their suppliers in order to lower costs, reduce supplier and location concentration risk, receive deliveries in a more timely manner, and improve quality – in seconds.

Benefits of hiring a dedicated team from Knowsys

Experience and Expertise

Knowsys has 26 years of experience in this domain across numerous industry sectors. We have chosen our technology partners strategically to bring our customers the most innovative solutions.

Delivery Track Record

We can package engagements on a fixed-price, based on documented methodology for BI and Analytics, with well-defined deliverables and a focus on quick results.

If your organization has data in a cloud data warehouse, but getting timely insights for important strategic business decisions from IT is a problem - contact us today.