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Quantum Resilient Data Encryption

Elevate your Organization to Zero-Trust, Quantum Resilient Data Encryption


Knowsys Group leverages our strategic partnerships and our seasoned professionals to deliver successful systems integration of new tools and solutions for our clients.

Knowsys has paired up with CORD3 out of Ottawa, Ontario to provide Zero-Trust, Quantum Resilient, Symmetric KeyFrame (SKF) data encryption.

Become Quantum Ready Today

Elevate Data Encryption and Be Quantum-Ready Today by separating from applications – Cord3 is quantum-ready today because it uses only symmetric cryptography for encrypting data at rest. Since Cord3 separates encryption from your applications, you do not even need to worry about when or if your application vendors will be able to make their applications quantum-ready. Without any changes to your applications, you will be quantum-ready with Cord3 as soon as you deploy the solution.

How to Elevate and Separate Using CORD3

Elevate data encryption by separating from applications – stop being hampered by the inconsistent and difficult-to-manage encryption and key management schemes implemented in your applications (if at all). Cord3 delivers strong encryption at rest using AES with 256-bit keys in a consistent, easy-to-use key management approach that is entirely separate from applications.

Elevate data access control by separating from applications – Cord3 delivers assurance that only authorized individuals can see sensitive data, including privileged administrators. Unrestricted privileged administrator access to data has resulted in every significant cyber attack abusing privileged administrator credentials. Cord3’s separation from applications lets you finally Stop Privileged Credential Abuse and separates data security from traditional IT and application administrator functions.

Elevate data security by quickly deploying separately from applications – CORD3 deploys its solutions in Intercepts, which sit between users and sever applications. Intercepts capture data packets to rebuild the original data assets (e.g files and emails) and then secure those data assets (for example, by encrypting them at rest) according to your organization’s data security policy before sending them to their intended destinations. Best of all, the intercept approach means that no software needs to be installed and there are no changes needed to applications on end user’s devices or servers.

Elevate data security transparently by separating from applications – Cord3 works in the background so users don’t see anything. Cord3 integrates with your organization’s identity management system and there are no keys for users to manage, so users don’t even have to log in to Cord3 and data automatically gets secured according to your organization’s policy.

Elevate data governance and compliance by separating from applications – Cord3 applies your organization‘s data security policy across applications, so you no longer suffer from every application implementing security in its own way. You are in control. You have consistency. You are compliant. You have data security governance – finally.

Elevate data security separate from your Cloud Service Provider – CSPs often provide some level of data security. However, their data security inherits the same problems that have plagued IT for decades, and those problems get even worse with CSPs. When you depend on a CSP for data security, your administrators and the CSP’s administrators have unrestricted access to your data. This opens the door further to serious privileged credential abuse attacks. Cord3 lets you Stop Privileged Credential Abuse for your internal and Cloud data. You are in control of data security with Cord3 – using your data security policy, not your CSPs – so you can easily move to a different CSP anytime you want.

Benefits of Using Knowsys to Deploy the CORD3 solution

Experience and Expertise

We bring extremely seasoned information security experts and innovative technology designed to shift paradigms with respect to data security.

Delivery Track Record

A successful track record of managing multi-year, $100MM+ cyber security transformation programs: building strategy, architecture, defining technology solutions, and managing the delivery thereof.

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