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Systems Integration

Knowsys Systems Integration Services


Knowsys Group leverages our strategic partnerships and our seasoned professionals to deliver successful systems integration of new tools and solutions for our clients.

Knowsys has paired up with CORD3 out of Ottawa, Ontario to provide Zero-Trust, Quantum Resilient, Symmetric KeyFrame (SKF) data encryption.

At our core, Knowsys Group focuses on ensuring our solutions are embedded with principles surrounding cost efficiency/savings, risk mitigation, time/resource optimization, and quality assurance. Our strategic partnership with ThoughtSpot embodies these salient principles.

As part of our Systems Integration practice, Knowsys has paired up with Thoughtspot out of Silicon Valley to provide AI-Driven, Self-Service Analytics.

How Knowsys Delivers Value:

  • Seasoned Professionals. Our ability to wrap seasoned subject matter experts and consultants around our services is unwavering. We do not place junior resources on an engagement, unless specifically requested. We only hire resources with decades of domain experience across multiple industries, and who inherently understand the relationship between business and IT.
  • Strategic Partnerships with Quantifiable Results. Being a boutique firm doesn’t mean we can’t pack a punch. Our strategy to compete with the household names comes from carefully vetted strategic partnerships and innovative technology. We utilize data-driven technology and solutions that are automated,  drastically cut down time-to-value, and create quantifiable results.
  • Trust and History. Knowsys is thriving after 26 years in business. We have an impeccable track record of client satisfaction through careful management of risk on every engagement. Our relationships with clients span decades.

Our services focus on key elements which help our clients achieve cost savings and efficiencies, reduce their operational and legal risk, and generate ROI.

Knowsys’ System Integration services include:

  • Quantum-Resilient Data Encryption
  • AI-Driven, Self-Service Analytics
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