What Makes Knowsys Unique?

About Knowsys business management consultant
  • Leverage carefully selected strategic partnerships and networks to integrate technology innovation into our solutions.
  • Reduce more than half of the consulting cycle time by leveraging our diagnostic tools.
  • ROI for our clients that is quantifiable.
  • Proactive risk management focused on cost-savings and/or cost avoidance.
  • 100% Canadian and female-owned.
  • Diverse workforce and global footprint.
  • 24-year track record and multi decade-long customer relationships.
  • Bespoke, personalized services to meet your unique needs.
  • Lean and Agile organization that uses “design-thinking”.
  • Utilize industry subject matter experts in all of our services and solutions.
Years of Experience
Programs Managed
About Knowsys group


To help our clients reduce IT risk and costs, increase profitability, and achieve maturity optimization. We do this by leveraging carefully selected strategic partnerships and networks to integrate technology innovation into our solutions.


Consulting and Managed Services focused on compressing timelines for service and results delivery by leveraging diagnostic tools, industry best practices, and people with real-life experience and proven track-records.

Attracting the best and brightest professionals who want to leverage multiple disciplines to do complex problem-solving and act as trusted advisors to our clients.

Our History

Mary-Ann Massad, Founded Knowsys Group in May of 1995. Having worked with several of the leading Canadian systems integrators and outsourcing firms for over 10 years, she recognized the opportunity to build a boutique IT management consulting firm. Mary-Ann assessed Canada’s IT market leaders as being consistently weak in successfully delivering large-scale program and project management. Her focus became turning her competitor’s weakness into making Knowsys Group a leader in large-scale program and project management.

This strategy was perfectly timed to the Y2K wave that was about to hit all businesses globally. As a result, Knowsys grew exponentially in its first 7 years of operation.

When Y2K projects began drying-up and the Dot Com bubble popped, Knowsys had to re-evaluate its sales and marketing strategy. Mary-Ann began expanding Knowsys’ services to focus on helping IT to run like a business. This meant providing portfolio and program management, business process transformation, and organizational change management services targeting Fortune 500 organizations locally.

This strategy paid off for another 12 years. However, when Off-shore outsourcers began exploiting Canada’s temporary work visa loopholes, displacing employees across banks and telcos (amongst others), Knowsys once again had to re-evaluate its market strategy. Highly-experienced and knowledgeable employees began to be viewed as commodities whose services were to be bought at rates more appropriate to India than North America. This was a do or die moment for Knowsys. Play the game and become a commodity? Or redefine the playing field and carve out new markets that were not being focused upon by the major players?

Mary-Ann decided to focus on forging new paths that were lightly travelled by her competitors. These new paths travelled in fascinating directions and arrived at the destinations of Managed Services, Fixed-price Management Consulting Services, and Systems Integration solely focused on maximizing/demonstrating  ROI on IT investments or mitigating IT risk, and thereby helping customers to avoid unforeseen and dramatic costs and actually save money by getting out ahead of IT risk.

Our Partners

Knowsys forged new partnerships with software companies around the world, designed to compress consulting time and accelerate measurable results. The thinking behind these tactics was to leverage software to augment professional services, thereby providing automated, repeatable and consistent services and results. Some examples of these partnerships are:

  • Infotech-licensing all best practice frameworks and diagnostic tools, allowing Knowsys to do maturity and transformation assessments on IT organizations within a few weeks in lieu of months, with quantitative and measurable results.
  • BCS-leveraging technology expertise, Knowsys can assess any software license compliance of any server or desktop product, providing a risk, compliance or audit defence assessment within days vs.months and allowing Knowsys to provide an automated, repeatable managed software license compliance service.
  • CAST-measuring technical debt, integrating software quality and Cybersecurity, automating the assessment of cloud-readiness or digital transformation of enterprise applications, and creating a repeatable managed service to assess overall portfolios or specific applications.
  • CORD3-integrating mil-spec data (structured/unstructured) encryption technology with business policy and process-driven information security and risk management practices either on a managed services or systems integration basis.

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