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17 May
The Value of Data Virtualization in a Data Mesh
Category: Blog, Resources, White Paper
Read this white paper to learn the value of data virtualization in a data mesh strategy. The Value of Data Virtualisation in a Data Mesh Paper V3
09 Nov
Integrated IT Asset Management – A Software Focus
Category: Blog, Resources
  Knowsys Group focuses in on Integrated IT Asset Management, which actively manages and optimizes a holistic view of organizations’ IT portfolios: Software, Hardware, Applica...
15 Mar
Mary-Ann Massad, CEO of Knowsys Group, on Business Resiliency
Category: Blog, Resources
Please visit the link below: Watch Mary-Ann Massad, CEO Knowsys Group, speak at the virtual 2021 seminar for International Women’s Day. Women in Blockchain on Business Resili...
03 Nov
Finding Insights at the Speed of Search: A White Paper
Category: Resources, White Paper
Please download this white paper to learn how our partners at ThoughtSpot are enabling the business and key decision makers in getting access to valuable insights at the speed of s...
05 Mar
Application Portfolio Management and Optimization – an MRI Tool
Category: Resources, Service, Technology, Unca...
APA-Knowsys-and-CAST-Overview-MRI-1 Curious how Knowsys can help automate your Application Portfolio Management and Optimization? Do you have an outdated and highly customized appl...
19 Feb
Agile Product Management and Ownership
Category: Resources, Service, Technology
An Executive Overview of Agile Product Management and Ownership Contact us today to learn how we can help guide your organization as it moves towards Product Management and Ownersh...
19 Feb
Customers First, Digital Second
Category: Blog, Resources, Uncategorized
Mary-Ann Massad, CEO of Knowsys Group shares insight, examples, and recommendations on why companies need to keep customers first as they invest in their digital footprint. Click B...
22 Mar
Why should a CEO, the Board, CFO, and CIO care about Software License Compliance and Risk Management?
Category: Resources
If earnings are a priority, then unnecessary expense leakage and minimizing unpredictable and uncontrolled financial risk should be as well. Software License Compliance and Risk Ma...