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IT Health Assessment Services

Knowsys IT Health Assessments


Knowsys offers IT Health Assessments through our IT Management Consulting Services.

In order to effectively deliver value to our clients, Knowsys utilizes IP, best practices, and a host of data-driven diagnostic tools and assessments for these engagements. These tools drastically speed up the time-to-value for our clients – providing tangible and quantifiable results while shortening the length of the engagement by as much as 50%.

The following assessments and scorecards are available through Knowsys IT Management Consulting – IT Health Assessment Services. Please contact us today to learn more and receive an overview of the benefits to be achieved.

  • IT Organizational Review / IT Management and Governance Scorecard. Assess core IT processes and get the data you need to start your process improvement journey. Align your organizational and operating models, highlight your organization’s most pressing IT process needs. Delineate between roles including accountability vs. responsibility.
  • Application Portfolio Assessment Scorecard. Data-driven survey finds out what users really of IT’s business applications. Assess the health of the application portfolio, drill down to individual application scorecards, and get targeted department feedback.
  • CXO-CIO Alignment Scorecard. Decipher business needs by understanding the CEO’s perspective. Automate IT-business alignment so IT can operate effectively and generate tangible value for your business.
  • CIO Business Vision. Low-effort, high impact survey that will give you detailed report cards on the organization’s satisfaction with IT’s core services. Use the insights to understand your key business stakeholders, find out what is important to them, and improve your interactions.
  • End-User Satisfaction Scorecard. Find out what end users really think of IT services. Develop data driven insights to help you decide what IT services and software need to be addressed to meet the demands of the business.
  • IT Security Diagnostic Program. Low effort , high impact program designed to help IT Security Leaders assess and improve their security practices. Gather and report on IT Security governance, business satisfaction, and effectiveness to understand where you stand and how you can improve.

  • IT Staffing Assessment. Improve your ability to grow, deploy, and manage your team. Justify IT’s headcount, allocate staff more effectively, and get the most out of your teams.
  • PMO Assessment. Collect the data you need to understand and optimize you PPM practices. Gather and report on all aspects of your PPM environment in order to understand where you stand and how you can improve.
  • Data Quality Scorecard. Ultimate measure of data quality is business satisfaction, and only the business can define it. Get a report showing the business’s evaluation of data quality so you can focus your improvement efforts to meet their needs.
  • Reporting and Analytics Scorecard. Get a report showing the business’s most pressing reporting and analytics needs so you can focus your improvement efforts. Measure business satisfaction with corporate reports, identify and address unmet needs now, schedule and deliver training immediately.
  • Project Benefits Realization Scorecard. Manage and measure your team’s project success. This Project Dashboard enables you to collect feedback to ensure your key projects are on track and to measure and communicate success.
  • IT Asset and Software License (SAM) Risk Assessment. Quickly enumerate risk with key investments and identify mitigation strategies that can be done before a software vendor audit.

CAST Application Diagnostic Assessments:

    • Software Health Assessment. Gain valuable insights into software resiliency, agility, elegance, business impact, technical debt, and risky coding practices.
    • Application Outsourcing Health Assessment. Get a handle on technical debt by instilling contractual obligations for third party ADM vendors based on CISQ Standards.
    • Legacy Renewal Assessment.
    • Cloud Migration Assessment. Automatically build an objective migration roadmap across an entire application portfolio. Gain valuable insight into app-to -app dependencies, effort estimates, cloud blockers and boosters, cloud service recommendations, as well as insights to accelerate cloud containerization.

Benefits of Using Knowsys for your next IT Health Assessment:


Knowsys has 26 years of experience working with global organizations, across several industries. We employ only senior level experts in this domain, ensuring that you are not paying for junior resources/on-the-job training.


Knowsys has extensive frameworks and methodologies that can be tailored out of the box for rapid results.

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