Portfolio Program and Project Management

Portfolio, Program, and Project Management

“Business as usual“ no longer exists.

Today’s organizations face faster cycles of change with respect to competition, customer expectations and technology. Strategic use of technology solutions can play a critical role in achieving competitive advantage, or at least parity.

We provide knowledge and experience to help you navigate through the implementation of complex business programs including strategic planning for large-scale program management offices, enterprise-wide auditing and business risk assessment, hands-on management and execution of performance measurement frameworks including incentives, metrics and executive reporting. Our capabilities are historically built on PPM (Project and Portfolio Management), having managed a portfolio of over $3 Billion in IT and business programs.

Can you change faster than technology?

Embarking on projects with new, or even existing technology, means expending people, time, and dollars to learn as you go – including making mistakes and lots of rework. Hiring experienced people with the right skills is expensive because they are scarce and subject to the needs of continual learning. But technology change continues unabated, so you hope your competitors aren’t moving more quickly to exploit the technology opportunities you have yet to discover.

PMO Implementation

We provide Program Management Office implementations for all types of projects and programs. Our extensive experience in managing large, complex programs has allowed us to develop best practices in the set-up and running of effective Program Management Offices.

Knowsys’ host of data-driven diagnostic tools allows us to provide an end-to-end assessment of your PPM practices based on contextual data such as organizational size, oversight structure, project methodology, and specific tools in use. The PPM Program is a low-effort, high impact program designed to help project owners assess and improve their PPM practices. Gather and report on all aspects of your PPM environment in order to understand where you stand and how you can improve. Each step is a separate diagnostic giving you the flexibility to choose where you want to focus your efforts.

Tools and Solutions

Portfolio managers are responsible for supporting the intake of new project requests, providing visibility into the portfolio of in-flight projects, and helping to facilitate the right approval and prioritization decisions. Often PPM tools are required that promote the maintenance and flow of good data to help you succeed in these tasks. However, throwing technology at bad process rarely works.

We are here to help you assess your PPM maturity and complete a gap assessment of current PPM processes using our best practices to help you address each strength and weakness. From here, we can decide whether to grow your own PPM solution in-house, or whether it makes sense to purchase a commercial tool. We will be there to help, down to the implementation.

Benefits Realization Strategies

There is increasing pressure on organizations to slash administrative costs and simultaneously improve service to customers. In order to start an improvement program, an obvious starting point is the Business Case. Knowsys assists customers by providing guidance and advice.

The following are some sample components that we would include in a business case:

  • Tactical and bottom-line savings (e.g. productivity improvement, technical debt assessment based on CISQ standards).
  • Intangible savings (e.g. streamlined processes, enhanced cooperation, employee satisfaction).
  • Unexpected benefits realization.
  • Metrics program to enable the audit of each area of savings.
  • Examples of where savings can be realized when a system is fully implemented. Permit feedback from management and lines of business to ensure the savings package is practical.

Benefits of using Knowsys for your PPM initiatives:


Knowsys has 24 years of experience managing very large, complex programs across different industries.


Knowsys utilizes data-driven technology/diagnostic tools to quickly and empirically assess your organization against industry best practices.
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