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Leadership Coaching and Training

Leadership Coaching and Training


Knowsys Group has been offering organizational and executive coaching as one of our practice areas for the last 24 years, spanning across a multitude of industries.

We offer a professional leadership training program favoured by our large enterprise clients. This program offers participants creative learning and success-building tactics through interactive workshops. It has been crafted to transform performance, producing achievable goals, and tangible growth.

Our CEO, Mary-Ann Massad, speaks to organizations globally on leadership, best practices, and how to implement successful results.

Knowsys also has a team of executives on staff that are experienced with coaching IT executives in becoming industry leaders.

Knowsys Leadership Training Program

  • Facilitated by leaders who share a collective vision and lend their own expertise and experience in various fields so that each workshop is customized and results-driven.
  • Our leaders take the time to fully understand client needs prior to each workshop, resulting in a workshop experience that is a carefully guided and thoughtful process, respectful of values and goals.
  • Program Streams: Enterprise, Professional, and Personal
  • All programs are tailored to client objectives and designed to stir reflection, refuel passion and achieve measurable results.
  • Enterprise Edition: a powerful workshop designed for leaders in organizations to help shape business goals. The workshop allows participants to establish goals, set milestone dates, identify critical employees and business partners, and build an action plan with the accountability needed to drive business growth.

Benefits of Using Knowsys for your IT Process Improvement Initiative:


Knowsys has 24 years of experience training and coaching senior level executives in Fortune 500 organizations.


Outcomes: Improved corporate culture and morale, succession planning, employee engagement, enhanced inter-team communication, and a focus on achieving goals.

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