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IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software License Compliance

IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software License Compliance

Why should a CEO, the Board, CFO, and CIO care about Software Asset Management (SAM)?

If earnings are a priority, then unnecessary expense leakage and minimizing unpredictable and uncontrolled financial risk should be as well. SAM, much like Supply Chain Management, has the power to save an organization millions of dollars or literally bring it to its knees through catastrophic financial and legal liability identified by a software compliance audit. Let us explain.

Software vendors make their living by selling software. They do this in two fundamental ways. One is to sell you new software solutions, the other is to compel you to buy additional software as a result of true-up exercises each year or software compliance audits. One of the major global software vendors derives at least 35% of its yearly revenue from software compliance audits.

Many organizations “true” up and add unnecessary expenses because they do not have the knowledge, skills, or abilities to accurately assess how many software licenses they actually have deployed across their desktops and servers. They cannot accurately assess this investment because they may not have the right governance and business processes, tools, software licensing knowledge, and people in place to do this heavy lifting. Instead of making informed decisions, they take educated guesses. More often than not, they err on the side of caution, which means that the software vendor benefits, not the organization itself.

Virtualization and Cloud Services are fantastic alternatives for organizations. The only problem is, most organizations do not have an intimate knowledge of how drastically their risk profile changes for the worse when software licenses transition into a virtualized and cloud environment. The reason for this is simple. The architects focused on reducing infrastructure costs do not necessarily have the software licensing knowledge to go with those environments. We have seen clients with a modest investment in ERP software of a few million, create a financial risk of hundreds of millions of dollars, as a result of virtualization and/or the cloud.

IT management assumes that their staff are diligently and accurately enumerating the risk, but more often than not, they do not have all of the pieces of SAM to do this. And more often than not, they don’t know what they don’t know. People make assumptions. Assumptions are okay if an organization does not care about spending millions of dollars they do not have on those pesky true-up exercises or, worse, if they think they can wriggle or negotiate out of a software compliance audit.

Here are some of the services we provide around IT Asset Management and Software License Compliance (SAM):

  • IT Asset and Software License Compliance (SAM) Management and Optimization of business processes, technology, people and roadmaps to grow your organization’s maturity and effectiveness.
  • IT Asset and Software License (SAM) Risk Assessments to quickly enumerate risk with key investments and identify mitigation strategies that can be done before a software vendor audit.
  • IT Asset and Software License (SAM) Audit Defense for any software vendor and product.
  • IT Asset and Software License (SAM) software solutions.
  • IT Asset and Software License (SAM) Managed Services and Outsourcing
  • IT Asset and Software License (SAM) Proof of Concepts with respect to any of our products and services.

Benefits of Using Knowsys for your next IT and Software Asset Management Initiative:

  • We don’t work for any software vendors or do audits on their behalf – ever!
  • We bring global IT Asset and Software License (SAM) expertise, which covers any software vendor/publisher/product: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, PEGA, Microfocus, Symantec, Citrix, Linux, VMWare, Open Text, Infor, Adobe, Autodesk, Cisco, Salesforce, and many others.
  • We can provide you with an IT Asset and Software License (SAM) software solution or SaaS if that’s what you need; OR
  • We can provide you with an IT Asset and Software License (SAM) Managed Service. You don’t have to buy any software solution to achieve monthly compliance reporting on specific vendors on your desktop or server estate.
  • You can try our services through Proof of Concept/Value engagements designed to be quick, low-risk, low-cost, and high-value in that we always identify cost savings/avoidance or risk mitigation opportunities immediately.
  • We offer better value with ROI within 3 months. Our services demonstrate much quicker and demonstrable value than our competitors.
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