Organizational Change & Business Transformation

Is your Organizational Structure Optimal?

With the rapidity of technological advancement in today's modern age, it is imperative for organizations to continuously reflect on their business strategies and goals. Reflecting often coincides with change and transformation in an effort to become more effective and efficient.

Knowsys has conducted large-scale organizational assessments for a multitude of clients in a variety of industries. Using our I&IT Management and Governance Diagnostic tools, among others, we have the ability to deliver results in as little as 6 weeks, based on our customer's availability.

How it works...

Knowsys conducts Organizational Assessments by first interviewing the senior management team. We then administer a COBIT/ITIL based diagnostic survey to that same team team, which allows us to determine the most important, but least effective of the 45 COBIT processes. These findings are then discussed with the management team in a workshop, which is meant to result in the unanimous agreement on accountabilities and responsibilities for each of the 45 COBIT processes amongst the management team.

In doing this assessment, organizations are able to clearly see where they are lacking in skills, knowledge and abilities as well as where they have abundance, which provides an organizational change roadmap.

In addition to performing an I&IT Management and Governance Survey, Knowsys offers IT Staffing, CEO-CXO Alignment, and CIO Business Vision diagnostic surveys, which are designed to curate bespoke organizational structures, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and optimize ROI.